Sonnenberg & Company CPAs, A Professional Corporation

Specializing in Not-for-Profit Organizations and Homeowners Associations since 1972

About Us

Leonard Sonnenberg, CPA - Managing Shareholder

As the Managing Shareholder of San Diego's largest CPA firm to specialize in Homeowners Associations, Leonard has over 40 years in public accounting. He supervises all client engagements from planning and proposal stage through review and signing of all audits, reviews, reserve studies, and tax returns.

He has served as lecturer at state and local conferences and published numerous articles on HOA audits, accounting, and tax issues. In addition, he has served as Treasurer and board member for Community Associations Institute, Clairemont Friendship Senior Center, San Diego Jaguar Club, National Masters Racquetball Association, and San Diego Racquetball Association.

As an experienced CPA, Len has been an approved AICPA Peer Reviewer, conducting Peer Reviews of other CPA firms' professional practices and auditing procedures.


Nanci Olson - Firm Administrator/Staff Accountant

Having been with the firm for more than a decade, Nanci has worked in every department of the company including administration, proposals, marketing and advertising, human resources, client management, reserve studies, and Homeowners Association and Not-for-Profit Organization audits, reviews and taxes.  Currently, she splits her time between HOA and NFP engagements and managing several aspects of the practice.

Nanci has more than 14 years' experience with Quickbooks and Excel and serves as a consultant to employees and clients as needed.


Scott Philips, CPA - Audit Manager

Scott has more than 12 years of experience with our firm.  He also possesses more than 8 years of previous relevant private accounting experience.  Currently, Scott focuses on our more complex Not-for-Profit Organization, For Profit, and Homeowners Association clients.

Scott also teaches classes at Nonprofit Management Solutions and serves as a resource and mentor for our other auditors.


Inna Stens, CPA - Audit Manager

Inna started with our firm in 2000 and quickly became one of our most capable auditors.  She performs numerous Homeowners Association and Not-for-Profit Organization audits annually.  Inna's many years of experience with our firm has made her an invaluable resource for the rest of our audit staff.


Tom Hamand - Audit Manager

As an auditor with our firm for more than 25 years, Tom has performed hundreds of audits for both HOAs and NFPs.  Tom also has 20 years of experience in various fields including: controller, retail store owner, restaurant owner, and software selection and integration consulting.


Stacey Stewart, CPA - Audit Manager

Stacey had several years' experience in large local firms before joining Sonnenberg & Company in 2009.  She specializes in Single Audits and governmental entities, as well as churches and other not-for-profit organizations. 


Irene Lane, CPA - Senior Auditor

Irene joined our firm in 2004 and handles HOA, not-for-profit, and District audits.


May Huang, CPA - Senior Auditor

May joined firm in 2005 and does numerous HOA and NPO audits, review, and tax returns.


Megan Hamand - Staff Accountant

Performs HOA reviews, audits, tax returns and Reserve Studies.


Katie Stone - Reserve Study Manager

In 2006, Katie took charge of our long-established Reserve Study department.  She coordinates our 3 independent inspectors and oversees all aspects of the department including client management, scheduling and proposals.  Katie also collaborates with Mr. Sonnenberg to ensure our reports conform to current California Civil Codes.


Other Staff

Our auditors each possess 5 to 20+ years of experience.  We believe we have the most qualified staff in the HOA and NFP industry.


Peer Reviews:

We have received system peer reviews on our own accounting and auditing practice. We recently received an unmodified report, which indicates that our “system of quality control has been designed to meet the requirements of the quality control standards for an accounting and auditing practice established by the AICPA and was complied with during the year then ended to provide the firm with reasonable assurance of conforming with professional standards."